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An ocean of opportunities for wounded IDF soldiers 


Yamtov works with soldiers suffering from PTSD in the goal of helping them in their rehabilitation journey.

We work with the power of the ocean, in surfing and sailing, from Ashkelon in the south, through Hertzliya, to Haifa in

the north. 

Through the course of this latest war and the aftermath to follow, our work has never been more needed.   


All of us here are volunteers, but of course there are still costs for equipment and insurance. 

We need your help.

Many new groups are waiting. 


So If you’re inspired by what we do and would like to make a small sacrifice to help, please donate vlia the link on this page. 

Yamtov is recognized as an IDF veterans approved Sea Therapy, under the Ministry of Defense’s  One Soul PTSD plan.

Thanks very much for your support.

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