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An ocean of opportunities for wounded IDF soldiers 

YamTov’s Response to the Growing Needs Post-October 7th

Established in 2017, YamTov uses surfing and sailing as a treatment method in the rehabilitation process of soldiers who experienced physical and emotional trauma during their army service. YamTov accepts any combat solider or veteran, who needs to recover physically and mentally from difficult experiences during their army service.
YamTov’s surfing and sailing groups  take place in Ashkelon, Herzliya and Sdot Yam on a weekly basis.


YamTov’s staff and instructors all volunteer their time for the benefit of the wounded soldiers.  The only costs that the program incurs relate to the purchase and maintenance of the surfing equipment, sailing costs, transportation, and the support of social workers and therapists..


YamTov is recognized as an IDF veterans approved sea therapy, under the Ministry of Defense’s One Soul PTSD plan.  It also partners with the IDF Disabled Veterans organization, and has specific activities for the units of Matkal, Egoz, Duvdevan, Oketz and the National Counter-Terrorism Unit.

From October 7th 

The events of October 7th and the ensuing war made it clear that YamTov must expand its activities quickly to accommodate the growing needs of numerous soldiers who are experiencing trauma, loss, pain and anxiety.  


As such, the plans for 2024-2025 are to:

  • Substantially expand the number of groups that YamTov operates, and open new locations.

  • Collaborate with additional partners to make YamTov’s program accessible to new populations.

  • Expand the partnerships with other entities, to facilitate the continuum of care for each individual participating in YamTov’s programs.

  • Train other organizations in YamTov’s rehabilitation treatment model, serving in an advisory capacity.


For further information, contact Sharon Zisser, founder of YamTov at: 

Write about Yamtov at The World Surf League (WSL)

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״נרשם בגוף – נשטף בים״

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

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